Personal Spiritual Retreat

Come to the powerful vortex of Sedona for a life-enhancing, soul-igniting, heart-expanding spiritual journey!

I would love to host a personal retreat for you in Sedona. 
I offer 1, 2 or 3-day retreats, depending on the depth of transformation and level of intensity you are seeking. Each day includes a 3-hour morning journey into the red rock vortex sites followed by a break for lunch and then we go indoors for a 2-hour session. 
For the outdoor journey, I take you into a sacred vortex site in the red rocks with breathtaking views. At our destination, I guide a Vortex Attunement enhanced by Crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, Native American Drumming and Sage Clearing. We start by going down to the waters edge at Oak Creek for a Native American inspired water ceremony for cleansing, renewal and rebirth. Based on the number of days you choose, we go to the Grandfather and Grandmother Vortexes at Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock as well as majestic Boynton Canyon and Amithaba Peace Park.
The Indoor Sessions include a choice of any of the sessions I offer on my website OR I can tune in and see what would best serve you spiritually, energetically, mentally, emotionally and even physically. I also channel during the sessions bringing through what your higher self and spiritual guides want me to convey to you.
Both the indoor and outdoor journeys may also include Shamanic Practices, Meditative Visualization, Chakra Balancing, Breathing Practices and Light Trance Hypnosis for a deeper immersion into the depths of the soul. This immersion leads to revelations about the soul's archetypal multidimensionality, incarnational purpose and ultimate mission here on earth. This deeper energetic exploration also leads to the release of karmic entanglements, emotional trauma stored at a cellular level and physical ailments due to malware in the cell's DNA programming. To further tune and harmonize the energetic flow and restore the soul's blueprint to it's original design, Tuning-Fork specialist and Massage Therapist who is also a Reiki Master will offer a one-hour session at the end of the first day.
As far as costs, I charge $111/hour so the One-Day retreat is $777 and includes a 3-hour Outdoor Journey, a 2-hour Indoor Session, a 1-hour Tuning Fork session and a 1-hour follow up online session one week later. The cost for additional days is $555/day and includes the 3-hour Outdoor Journey and 2-hour Indoor Session which progressively lead to a deeper soul immersion for more expansive revelations that allow for an intensive release of any distortions and a comprehensive restoration of the soul's original blueprint.
I am happy to jump on Zoom or the phone to discuss in more detail if you wish. Feel free to email me at:
I recommend you stay on Hwy 179 at either Bell Rock Hilton, the Elements or Holiday Inn Express because they are closest to the Spiritual Center. However, Sedona is small so you can stay anywhere and still be within 20 minutes.
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Once you Choose Your Retreat, Suzanne will contact you to coordinate the schedule. You are also welcome to contact Suzanne to request specific dates for your retreat:    

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