Suzanne Ross

With over 25 years of experience, Suzanne has coached thousands of people enhancing their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being allowing them to become the highest version of their best self every day and in every way!

As a Spiritual Counselor, Suzanne creates a safe, sacred space within which you feel comfortable sharing openly your thoughts, stories, beliefs, fears, dreams and  aspirations. She explores with you the deeper source of your feelings and emotions and assists you in clearing that which no longer serves and embracing that which does.

As a Channeler, Suzanne has the ability to tune into higher intelligence, spiritual guides or you own higher self. She can remotely access your akashic records, ignite your energy centers and activate innate gifts, skills and abilities that allow you to serve at your highest possible level. In this way, she unleashes your full  potential clearing any blockages or limitations so your creative expression can flow freely. You expand into limitlessness and feel empowered to overcome any barriers so you can manifest your dream reality and create whatever you truly desire.

"Suzanne is a compassionate coach and caring mentor who is passionate about healing your emotional body, balancing your karma, clearing your energy field and realigning you with your divine purpose. She can tune you into your highest self, access your eternal soul and reunite your fragmented selves in multiple dimensions of time-space. She can also reconnect you with your star families and ignite your starseed DNA. Suzanne will activate your dormant DNA strands and ignite your super-human potential."

If you are ready for a major breakthrough in your life, schedule a Feel the Love Chat with Suzanne today or choose from one of her totally immersive sessions. It will change your life dramatically in many powerful, positive ways! For a truly comprehensive shift into limitlessness, choose her 10-session package which progressively advances you toward the highest expression of all you can be!

The Feel the Love chat is 60-minutes and the sessions are all 90-minutes. There is a Customize Your Time session where you can choose a Custom Session at 30, 60 or 90 minutes. The 90-minute session includes an additional 30-minute SoundBath audio that will be sent upon purchase of the session, and prepares you for the high-frequency transmissions and higher dimensional revelations of the 90-minute immersive deep dive!

For inquiries, please feel free to contact Suzanne directly via text: 925-989-6779 or email: