Raise your own frequency

I highly recommend the Multidimensional Soul Retrieval. Exceptionally gifted Suzanne Ross tunes into our higher dimensional aspects of ourselves and reveals names, locations and what we were doing. Inspiring us to connect and integrate our soul histories so we can step into our own mastery in the present lifetime. Raise your own frequency and reunite your soul aspects for the greater good. Awaken this dormant DNA and experience your own abilities beyond belief.

~ Sandra in Arizona July 4, 2018

Wow! There truly are no words

We met Suzanne at the 2018 Cosmic Awakening in Sedona which is held every year in the spring. When she gave her presentation, it was very clear that she is a special loving soul passionate about lighting the path for those on their journey of awakening. Speaking from my own direct experience, the sessions with her have been so profound and full of information that so much of it is now integral in my daily meditation practice. My experience with her began with the Multi-dimensional Soul Retrieval, followed by Divine Purpose Reveal and then the Eternal Soul Reunion. The Multidimensional Soul Retrieval was so experiential within the session and coupled with the Eternal Soul Reunion, there is so much received to bring forth and activate this soul’s path of expansion. These two are amazing!!!! The Divine Purpose Reveal was specifically focused on messages and codes that were coming through me in the form of art and symbols all of which has been new over the last 6 months. Wow! There truly are no words for what was experienced and for the divine work that Suzanne does for all those looking to grow and expand. She truly shines the light on your path to activate and reconnect you to all that is truly you, your immortal being. Suzanne, it is a galactic blessing to have been guided to you in my own journey of expansion and growth. Thank you sharing your gifts and being such a beautiful loving soul!

~ Serefina in Hawaii July 2, 2018

I have gained a greater insight

Suzanne Ross is a very strong, beautiful genuine lady inside and out and has a desire for helping and nurturing me along my journey. One of her strengths is that she loves to pass on her knowledge and what she knows to others and wanted to see me empowered. She has a very down to earth approach and her manner is always very warm and friendly. She has been working with me with the 10 sessions package and I have no regrets. I have learnt so much from each of the sessions and found them to be very helpful and I have gained a greater insight into my situations and with regards taking the next step forward. Suzanne has helped to give me a greater understanding of my journey so far and helped me to resolve issues and see them from another point of view and I have not looked back. Suzanne always puts emphasis on the positive and building on what I already have and drawing on my strengths. If you are looking for someone who will be honest with you and cheer on your progress from the side-lines then Suzanne is your woman. Thank you Suzanne. With love and light always Claire

~ Claire in London July 2, 2018